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She Impacts Culture

Sep 30, 2021

Today’s guest is Misty Phillip, a dreamer and a doer, passionate about helping spark your soul message. She encourages people to use their story to give God glory.

The Founder of Spark Media, Misty equips Christian communicators and podcasters through virtual and live events, a podcast network, a magazine, and a...

Sep 16, 2021

Today’s guest is Ellie Nieves, the Founder & President of Leadership Strategies for Women, LLC where she develops seminars and webinars for companies and associations that want to grow their emerging women leaders into effective managers and executives.

Ellie launched her career as a young lawyer in NYC politics. She...

Sep 2, 2021

Today’s guest, Kristen Padilla, joined the Beeson Divinity School staff in May 2015 as coordinator of marketing and communication, and now serves as manager of marketing and communication as well as directs Women in Ministry initiatives at Beeson.

In her role of marketing and communication, Kristen produces and...